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Yoga and Meditation to Cultivate Intuition & Hear the Inner Voice


Through these three classes start to develop your ability to open to the Unknown through intuition and sensitivity. Our brain has two hemispheres, each one allowing us to understand and comprehend the universe in a completely different way. As Westerners we are well trained in left brain thinking which is logical, linear, deductive and rational. Most of us have little training in the use of the right side of the brain which is intuitive, spatial, and associational. Developing the right hemisphere allows us to transcend time and space and connect us with the subtle realms of existence that connect the material world and its spiritual source. These classes cultivate the gift of intuition and work on developing your sensitivity to hear your inner voice so you can then access your wisdom and meditative mind

November 1, November 8, November 15

3 classes $50 Drop in class: $20 D\

Darshan Yoga Studio 703-471-9642
1263 Bond Street, Herndon, Virginia

Event Properties

Event date: 10-04-2017 7:00 pm
Event End Date: 10-25-2017 8:25 pm
Individual Price $50.00
Location Darshan Yoga Studio

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